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Fall 2017- Readings

Sept. 19, 2017: Bushwhackers, Regina, SK, 7 pm

- Readings by Ven Begamudre, David Carpenter and Dianne Warren


Sept. 24, 2017: Word on the Street, Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK , 11 am - 5 pm

- 12:30 - 1:15 pm "Two Novelists Rollicking Through History: David Carpenter and Tyler Enfield (in conversation with Allan Safarik)"


Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2017: Montana Book Festival 2017, Missoula, MT

- Sept. 30, 1 pm "Solving Mysteries and Panning for Gold: Readings by David Carpenter, P.R. Oliver and Timothy Brown"



The Gold - David Carpenter



The Gold

Carpenter's new novel is now in bookstores.

The Gold is the tale of an Englishman who emigrates to Canada to prospect up north for gold in the 1930s.  

He encounters his greatest success, and his greatest perils, around Yellowknife and further north.

Unlike the hero who dies valiantly, Joe Burbidge has to live out his life burdened by hollow victories and his need to atone for them.  

The Gold is an adventurous yarn and a serious, touching novel all in one.


"Canadian history is inextricably connected to geography.  And Canadian fiction seems endlessly absorbed with a reckoning between the land and the humans who exploit it.  Saskatchewan's David Carpenter has staked out one indelible corner of this geography. "           Stephen Beattie, Quill and Quire

The Gold - David Carpenter

The Education of Augie Merasty

Carpenter spent 12 years attempting to assemble the story of Augie Merasty, an old Cree trapper from Northern Saskatchewan. Augie kept disappearing on him, but finally they got it done.

It was published by Bruce Walsh (U of R Press) in 2015.

What followed was completely unexpected.

1) The book was the lead story in the Saturday Globe & Mail (Mark Medley's column).

2) It was then featured on The Current (CBC Radio) by Anna Maria Tremonte and on Shelagh Rogers's The Last Chapter.

3) It was reviewed widely across the country.

4) It placed 4th on The National Posts's annual "99 Best Books of the Year," edging out Salman Rushdie.

5) David Carpenter was cited in Heather Mallick's honour list, "Canda's Best People."

6) Carpenter won the prestigious Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence.

7) Carpenter and Merasty appeared on Oprah Winnfry's show and sang 'O Canada.' [Just kidding.]

8) The Education of Augie Merasty has been nominated for 3 Saskatchewan Book Awards (Regina, April 30th).

9) It won the coveted BURT Award in Ottawa for Indigenous cullture.

10) Carpenter won the Prime of Life Achievement Award (University of Saskatchewan).

(Best-of-All) Augie's family in P. A. have gotten him off the street and into a very nice care facility. Augie has not looked so lively in a decade! He just turned 86.


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